is a brand new 112-page booklet by Ian Lynam and friends about confronting creative constipation.

Visual Strategies for the Apocalypse by Ian Lynam イエン・ライナム

We are in an era when folks can and do become what I term "creatively constipated" at an incredibly high rate. The act of making can feel largely irrelevant, especially for those of us who make visual form professionally.

Maybe you've felt this way, but quite possibly not. I wrote this booklet for those of us who have ever felt stuck, because somehow, it can feel like The Apocalypse...
(Or at least for me it has on occasion.)

Visual Strategies for the Apocalypse gets past that by examining why and how we define and deal with visual form, as well as how we might re-engage ourselves with it.

The book includes contributions by Matthew Scott Barnes, Laura Bernstein, James Chae, Mitchel Cox, James Edmondson, Taylor Giali, Natalia Ilyin, Nikki Juen, Koichi Sato, Yoon Soo Lee, Adolf Loos, Griffin McPartland, Matthew Monk, David Peacock, Michael Scaringe, Lorena Howard-Sheridan, and James Hultquist-Todd.

Visual Strategies for the Apocalypse by Ian Lynam イエン・ライナム

Not sold on it yet? Visual Strategies for the Apocalypse is typeset in the Glot families of digital typefaces from Wordshape.


This beautifully offset printed three-color booklet with stitched binding will kick you in the ass and get you making amazing design, as well as *thinking* about why you *should* make amazing design.


- The relationship between Big Tech and child labor
- The even more complicated relationship between Fast Fashion and Thor, God of Thunder
- Space, time, and selfishness
- Contrast, cropping, and partying
- Chance processes
- Imitation, flattery, history and desktop publishing
- Collage as strategy
- The function of drawing
- Ornament and making shit up

Or alternately, Check out our other new title The Thing, a design book which glows in the dark! The Thing is about the problematics of design, designers, and design history. (Also, it glows in the dark.)

NOTE! Orders for both books will ship with glow-in-the-dark Wordshape stickers, as well as other fun extras.

Visual Strategies for the Apocalypse by Ian Lynam イエン・ライナム

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Visual Strategies for the Apocalypse by Ian Lynam イエン・ライナム